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Locke Lapping Compound
Available in 80 grit and 120 grit  for 12.5 kg (25lbs)

An environmentally safe abrasive compoundfor use on mowers, for
back lapping all cylinders

Technical details
Electronic-grade water - pH neutral and washes off with a garden hose.    Formulated with enough viscosity to permanently suspend the abrasive.  Tackiness additives to keep the product on the blades, and not on the floor.
Lubricant to dissipate heat on the blades, minimizing warpage.
Rust inhibitors to minimize corrosion. 
Industrial diamond to provide faster cutting
action with a sharper edge.

Each pail contains a Lot no, allowing complete traceability.

Prices:  buy now
80 grit 36 (Ex VAT)
120 grit 36 (Ex VAT)


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