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Synergy Products Ltd is the main distributor for Groundsman Industries
Ltd and Ultra Plant International products throughout the UK.  All
products are manufactured in the UK at their factories in Northern

Groundsman Industries Ltd manufactures a full range of pedestrian and
tractor-mounted aerators and turf cutters.

Ultra Plant International manufactures a full range of static and mobile
screens and top dressers.

Specialising in:

Aerators (both pedestrian and tractor mounted)

Turf Cutters

Mobile recycling and waste management screens

Top Dressers for sports playing surfaces

Synergy Products not only offers a great range of products for turf
aeration, turf cutting, top dressing and screening, but we also pride
ourselves in our excellent aftercare service to our customers.

From bowling greens to golf courses, from the fine landscaping of
country estates and council parks to the most dignified of Commonwealth
War Graves cemeteries around the world, all our machines have an
excellent reputation for their rugged build quality, high performance and
durability, endorsed time and again by our customers. 

Ultra Plant International have established themselves as a leader in the
mobile recycling sector with a range of screens to suit all, with customers
from some of the major service industries.  Our screens are particularly
useful in helping to keep landfill and government taxes to a minimum.
T: 01380 721 413
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Walton Heath Golf Club
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